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Search Engine Optimization and Link Building Strategies Explained! By: SUBMIT SERVE


Currently, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most common term used online. For those who own a website, it’s necessary to get top rankings from search engines and increased traffic to the website for additional revenues. Link building and SEO not only improve your Page Rank, but it ensures extra web traffic on your website. Expert SEO service achieve better goals and Increase leads, they ensure you get sales and profits from your website. If you care for your website and want it to perform really well in search engine rankings you will consider Directory Submission, Article Submission and Social Bookmarking.

Directory Submission!

Today, no one can deny the significance of SEO in increasing traffic and high Page Rank. There are few things that are initially done in every link building. These services are Directory Submission, Article Submission and these days Social Bookmarking is consider one of the best method to add more visitors to your website. Directory Submission is the most successful and effective strategy to have organic and targeted traffic. 90% of people find websites by search engines, 93% web users edit or retype and find the desired result. However only 75% people purchase online through search engines. Directory submission is another most popular method to increase your web traffic and Page Rank. Currently there would be thousands of online directories, covering different niche. Some of these directories will relevant be to your website others will not apply. Your will definitely increase your Page Ranking by submitting your website to the related niche directories. Remember not all directory submissions are effective in offering best results. Every directory has different categories and it involves ample research and effort to submit your website to all the directories. Right categories will help you in the promotion of your website.

Article Submission!

Article submission to article directories is another effective method to increase traffic and additional visitors to your website. The real advantage of article submission is not some information in the article. The real magical element in the entire process is the link that is added in the author bio or embedded at the end of the article. These links are the key to your additional web traffic. Consequently the more links you have in article directories; there are better chances that your website will be high ranked in search engines. Article submission is quite crucial for its instant benefits in search engine optimization or commonly referred as SEO. It is a major part of SEO strategy to promote your website through article submission services. In this particular submission an article is submitted to numerous article directories and all over the web. Article submission works great as by submitting to different article directories you have embedded link of your website and those links will stay live forever. It means high search engine rankings and additional traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking!

Social Bookmarking is very helpful and used as successful link building strategy. It’s been used for few years but recently there is common trend of using it for search engine optimization. Social Bookmarking is a process in which you organize websites that you regularly visit or included in your favorites. There are many Social Bookmarking websites that offer amazing results. You can create your own list of popular Social Bookmarking websites. The advantage of this strategy begins when you help all those people who are looking and searching for the same information through you list of favorites.

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