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Joomla is a content management system. Some people might have used this type of CMS. However I do not advocate Joomla for those who want to make money and desire to get top ranking for their keywords. You can put it under PHPNuke category, but don’t trust Joomla sites. Because the whole system runs off of Index.php which is not good for your search engine optimization.
I have several clients that I had build .NET extensions to and the experience I had was terrible and tiresome. In fact if you create a site based on .NET technology, you get way better solution than the other one.
If you want to create a forum, or newsroom or membership area, then Joomla can be useful, because you create the whole system easy. Creating the navigation structure is effortless. In one condition that you understand and know how it works and have some knowledge of HTML.
You can put articles to expire after a time, activate dates, breadcrumbs, author name and so on. However there are some major seo problems with Joomla.
For those who do not have knowledge of web design and HTML, joomla has a big learning curve. The Javascript and CSS can get bulky. The load time is way too slow which does not match with Google’s standards today. As we all know Google emphasizes on speed and Joomla is not your choice if you want to get ranking. Joomla cost you money. The programming and development is clumsy and if you want to change you layout, you are in trouble. If you want to implement some plug ins you have to pay money.
The complexity of Joomla is its strong point and weakness. I wrote an article earlier about Joomla and its drawbacks which was published worldwide. I received many responses from people who have been using Joomla and admitted that the facts I pointed out were so true. As some of you may know Joomla was presented a few years ago back in 2005 and the developers of Joomla were able to make some decent money.
Although they are aware of the drawbacks of Joomla and present some plugins to correct the dysfunctionalities, but the problem are still there. Many who own joomla website were outranked because of the SEO problems. I know of the fact that some who received nice rage rank, with the changes that Google has done lately, these websites dropped their ranking. Some of those SEO-ers who have been working on Joomla websites know that ranking for a Joomla site may not be as easy as any other sites. In fact getting top ranking for these types of CMS sites is not easy.
I advise the Joomla builders find way to enhance and optimize Joomla so that people who have built a website on Joomla can enjoy ranking as well.
For the time being Wordpress sites can be the best choice, don’t you think so? If you need a dedicated SEO-er to work on your website submit your project to maria-johnsen.com. Do you have an SEO problem, send me to fix it for you.



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