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LONDON - A report by British parliamentarians published on Wednesday called for stronger protection for children against online pornography.

A parliamentary Inquiry on Online Child Protection found that children were easily able to access Internet pornography websites, and websites with content of extreme violence.

It put forward recommendations including appointing an overseer responsible for ensuring the safety of Internet access, setting up an opt-in filter for adult content, and a ban on adult content for public wi-fi networks.

The inquiry chairwoman Claire Perry said it is "hugely worrying" that "children are easily accessing Internet pornography as well as websites showing extreme violence or promoting self-harm and anorexia."

"While parents should be responsible for their children's online safety, in practice people find it difficult to put content filters on the plethora of internet-enabled devices in their homes, plus families lack the right information and education on internet safety," Perry said.

"It's time that Britain's ISPs took on more of the responsibility to keep children safe, and the government needs to send a strong message that this is what we all expect," She added.


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