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MOSCOW- Russia opposes any resolutions or pressures exerted on Syria and rejects the use of human rights as excuses for foreign intervention in the country, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said Friday.

"Armed interference into Syria's domestic affairs is inadmissible ...Human rights must not be used as an excuse for such interference," Lukashevich told a news conference here.

He said the Syrian people should decide their future on their own, "without any hints from outside."

Russia learned from the fact that Syria "needs an internal political dialogue rather than any resolutions or pressure," he said.

Luchashevich added that the current priority for Syria is to stop the violence and promote a dialogue between relevant parties on the issues of democratic reforms in the country.

The spokesman's remarks came in response to a UN vote on a draft resolution on the human rights situation in Syria.

The U.N. General Assembly Third Committee on Tuesday adopted a esolution with 122 states voting in favor, 13 against, 41 abstained. China and Russia, two permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, abstained from the voting.

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