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10 Tips for Building Link Popularity By: Rick Dahne


Much as you might like to sit back and let big search engines find your website, appreciate its quality and list it near the top on results pages, you’re probably aware that it isn’t as simple as that.

Search engines use software called robots to ‘crawl’ the internet and find content that their users will find useful. How do these robots travel the web? They use links. So if you think you can sit back and get exposure for your site by doing nothing, you’re wrong, because links are the roads the robots use and it’s your responsibility to build good ones and to maintain them.

Professional SEO services can provide you with a lot of information about the best ways to go about devising strategies for building the right links for your business. SEO link building is a service in and of itself, involving an array of modern methods and techniques. There are some things you should do to get good links, starting today, and we’ve compiled a list of tips to get you started!

1. Try to get links from sites that are seen as authoritative. This includes .gov (government) sites and .edu (education) sites. Links from sites that are obviously reputable enhance your image and bring rewards from search engines. Ways of doing this involve providing connecting the service you provide to their agendas.

2. Get linked to from libraries and other resources. Think about the places where people go to get information, and get yourself listed on their pages if you can. It’s good exposure and these links will probably be seen as authoritative too.

3. Create a profile on as many local listings sites as possible. Even if your business targets a worldwide market, these are excellent links to have.

4. Create a page on Squidoo. Sites which allow you to post your own content are great for building links back to your own. Post good content for maximum effect.
5. Think about getting onto Wikipedia pages. If your business is important enough, you might create a page for it. Alternatively, think about pages on which your site might usefully feature as a link.

6. Contribute to forums and maximize on opportunities to link from them to your site. Contribute in a meaningful way and you’ll accomplish a great deal in terms of marketing while at the same time creating an opportunity to build useful links.

7. Make the most of the opportunities presented by social media. Social media marketing is one of the new methods endorsed by professional SEO services. Launching an effective social media campaign can bring astonishing results and quickly. Think how many people are using social media such as Facebook every minute of every day.

8. Submit product reviews as an expert in your field. You probably know a great deal about your product or service, so why not get yourself heard and get some good exposure through submitting reviews of similar products? Use the opportunity to build links from popular sites that feature reviews. These could be shopping sites, consumer affairs sites or others. All offer good linking opportunities.

9. Write testimonials about products, services or sites you’ve found useful. These are likely to be featured on pages if they’re well written and gratefully received. A link to your site can easily be included as a footnote.

10. Have a blog on your site. As all search engine marketing services will tell you, a blog is one of the best free SEO tools you can use. Search engines want to see new content on your pages, and blogs are the perfect vehicles for that. Make it a good blog and there’s huge potential for it to be linked to. Include links in your blog in case it’s featured on other pages of the web. Make it an exceptional blog that will keep users interested. You’ll find links increasing along with traffic and business for your site.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list of ten tips for link building success. Keep in mind that it’s the tip of link-building iceberg, and professionals can advise on more points than we’ve listed here. If you find yourself bewildered by the possibilities, don’t despair. As a general rule all of the things which you do to market your site effectively are good SEO from a link building point of view too. And don’t forget to link to other people. Linking should be a two-way street.



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